Karwan-e-Umulqura is a legendary institute having colossal practice about Hajj, Umrah and visit to Holy places. Controllers continually make best activities to offer the unparalleled services to the pilgrims owing to have self-experience and preeminent acquaintance We possess our promises and commitments; that?s why we claim ourselves unique
Local and pilgrims from other areas are well aware about our services so that we are in action to serve the guests of Almighty Allah It is our assurance that we will serve the pilgrims wholly and without any sort of social and moral gluttony
We will be in connection with all the concerned throughout the travel and our experience & self practiced working proficiencies will make your journey safe and sound from Registration, Travel Arrangement, all phases of Hajj & Umrah, visit to Holy places and Travel back to destinations
Our economical packages and supreme services are your confidence in us and our key to success. Top class residences in Makkah & Madina and nearest camp in Mina are the unique individuality of our services and no doubt we have no competitor in this regards.
We are offering travel & tourism packages to the corporate & travel community. We linked ourselves in innovative way and connected digitally to the all relevant officials and offices of travel industry.
We acquire dedicated and experienced personnel of their fields. We believe strongly in our religious and social norm and practice it.
Thus we own these qualities as company?s manifesto. You are warmly welcome with wide open arms for the same commitments.
The objects for which the organization is established are all or any of the following:

  • To provide the Hajj & Umrah services
  • Tours are subjected to any permission required under the law and provide facilities to pilgrims in Pakistan / Saudi Arabia such as :
  • traveling
  • residence and hotel
  • visits to holy places etc
  • To arrange different tour groups for visiting the holy places of Islam in different Islamic countries
  • To introduce different types of Hajj & Umrah Packages for Pilgrims and visitors
  • Affordable packages according to Pilgrim’s needs

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